The most comprehensive guide to obtaining a canadian visa 2022 + costs and conditions

The most comprehensive guide to obtaining a Canadian visa 2022 + costs and conditions
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To obtain a Canadian visa, you must consider all the requirements and apply for it. There are different ways to get a visa, according to which you can decide on your job and living conditions. Obtaining a Canadian visa has rules and principles that you can follow the best way with MigrateDesk tips.

Types of Canadian visas


Types of Canadian visas


A visa is a process issued to a person intending to immigrate to another country. Therefore, for any purpose you want to enter another country, you must have a visa with that country and apply for it, and you must be careful to leave Canada before it expires. The types of visas are described below:

  • Canadian tourist visa
  • Business and work visa
  • Student visa

Canadian tourist visa

One of the Canadian visas is the Canadian tourist visa. A Canadian tourist visa allows applicants to begin their journey to this spectacular country in the shortest possible time. There are different types of tourist visas, one of which you can get according to your purpose. Tourist visas are available in two forms: short-term and long-term:

  1. Short-term tourist visa

Visa Of course, the maximum validity of this visa is ninety days, but the embassy may issue your visa with less validity. It depends on the choice of embassy.

  1. Long-term or multi-tourist visa

This type of visa also allows you to travel to Canada for five years. You can stay for six months each time you enter this country. And then you have to leave the country and then you can re-enter Canada. Today, the embassy only issues long-term visas, and short-stay visas cannot be applied for. The documents you provide will guarantee your visa. The Canadian Embassy offers this visa to people who only want to enter the country for tourism purposes.


Canada Business & Work Visa


Canada Business & Work Visa


Business and work visas are different. A work visa is for people who intend to work in the destination country. These people can find a job based on which they can get the visa they want. After finding a valid job in Canada, these people should ask their employer so that they can have a valid invitation. The employer sends a valid invitation to the person and he can present this letter to the embassy along with his other documents; Obtain a work visa. With this visa, you can travel to Canada and start working in the job in question. This method is also very important for people who intend to immigrate, and more business visas can be obtained by people who intend to invest or create a business in the destination country. In this way, people can obtain a business visa and start their trip to the destination country

more information : ” Immigration requirements to Canada through Visa Startup + its cost

Canadian student visa

Another method of immigration is a student visa. To obtain a student visa, you must first have the appropriate study conditions to be accepted. You should first research the universities and colleges that may be right for your study environment. Then get admission from the desired college by correspondence and sending the required documents. This admission can be with or without funds. After obtaining admission, you must prepare the necessary documents to apply for a visa and make the best decision with MigrateDesk advice.

Duration of Canadian visa issuance

It usually takes about two months from the issuance of the visa to the insertion of the label on the passport.

Note that you must first complete your documents and translate your documents. So be sure not to translate documents too much or too little.

  • Usually, if you are a family of three, it will take about a week to 10 normal days for your file to be carefully processed and retrieved online and your application to be registered.
  • After submitting the application, you normally have 30 days to go to one of the Vock offices in neighboring countries to do fingerprinting because this is not possible in Iran.
  • After fingerprinting, a receipt will be delivered to you and usually 3 to 4 weeks later, the answer to your visa will be visible through the account and email you have announced. It has been seen that the embassy’s response took up to 6 months. So do not worry.
  • Once you have received a positive Canada Visa reply, you have 30 days to submit your passport to the Vok office in Ankara to apply for a visa label, and save on your costs by using the Canada Visa Pickup service.

If you need more advice, you can contact MigrateDesk experts.


Documents required to obtain a Canadian visa


Documents required to obtain a Canadian visa


  • Personal photo 4.5 * 3.5 with white background
  • Having a birth certificate
  • Provide a travel plan for the duration of the trip along with booking a plane ticket to your return date
  • Complete individual and family forms for each person. We provide you with a Persian form so that you can complete the form more easily.
  • If you are traveling with your spouse, a marriage certificate is also required
  • The original passport, provided that it is valid enough for a 5-year visa. Presenting old passports with a visa label will also help you a lot.
  • . A valid invitation from Canada is required. If you do not have one, you must provide a hotel reservation in Canada for the length of stay stated on the forms and itinerary.

Freelance job qualifications: These people, because the required qualifications vary depending on their type of job, it is better to get help from our consultants in person or by phone so that we can guide based on their job.

  • If you have children with you, a certificate of employment must also be available.

Employee qualifications: These individuals must provide a valid employment certificate with a recruitment order and salary slip of the last two months with a history of at least the last 3 months.

  • Provide financial documents such as: certificate of financial ability in English and the seal of the international branch along with a printout of your account turnover that shows the amount of your income (maximum credit and turnover will be one month.
  • Having a title deed, your long-term deposit certificate, stock purchase bonds or a car deed should also be on your file for further assistance.
  • If your child is traveling with one of their parents, a notarized consent must be provided by another parent who will not accompany you on the trip.

Employers’ job documents: Provide company documents including establishment announcement, change announcement, official newspapers, last two months employee insurance list deposit along with company tax deposit receipt.


What are the steps for obtaining a Canadian visa?

  • The first step you must take to obtain a Canadian visa is to make an appointment at the Canadian Embassy. By taking the time, you can visit this center in the shortest possible time. Embassy time allows you to obtain a visa for the destination country in the shortest possible time.
  • You should then apply for fingerprinting. Embassy time allows you to visit the embassy at a specific date and time to obtain a visa for this country. You must go to the embassy with all your documents on the specified date and time. Go through all the steps of fingerprinting and biometrics.
  • After this step, you can wait for the embassy to respond. The embassy will respond to you within fifteen to thirty days. Of course, in some cases, the response time was longer. However, it will take some time for the embassy to send this response to the applicants.
  • After receiving the embassy response, you should contact the embassy if it is positive. Well, the cost of returning to travel is equal to the cost of booking a hotel and buying a plane ticket to Ankara.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to get a Canadian visa without documents?

Use fake documents if you plan to be banned from traveling to Canada for 5 to 10 years. Please do not consider the Canadian embassy too simple because your forged documents will be easily identified and in addition to rejection and fuel costs, you will be blocked for 5 to 10 years from entering Canada.

Is it possible to get a visa at a low cost?

Obtaining a Canadian visa does not require any unusual fees. It is enough to do a good research and get the right advice from reputable offices to apply for a visa at the lowest cost.

Do we have to have an invitation?

Do not forget that there is no guaranteed visa and the invitation can not be a positive answer to your visa alone because you can get a Canadian visa even without an invitation. But if you have a valid invitation, you have a better chance of getting your case approved.

How to track the Canadian visa answer?

To follow the visa answer, we have to check our account, account or e-mail daily after doing fingerprinting in Vook offices, because the visa answer can only be seen this way.

How long does it take to get a Canadian visa?

If you want to know how long a Canadian visa lasts, experience has shown that if your documents are complete, it will take about two months from the time you apply and start filing your visa to your passport.

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