Immigrating to Canada by registering a company + terms and conditions of purchase

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Immigration is one of the most difficult decisions for anyone to think about and decide on, so keep in mind that there are certain conditions for obtaining an immigrant visa to Canada by registering a company. Company registration is one of the ways in which people can obtain residency in Canada and immigrate to that country. Stay tuned to MigrateDesk for more.


What is a company registration in Canada?




The business owner owns a business unit that he manages. For example, consider a car repair shop that has its own business. Also consider a person who owns a site development company and manages it himself. Generally, when it comes to registering a company in Canada or Owner Operator, we are talking about a person who owns a company or business unit (usually with less than 10 employees or workers) and that person, the management of his company or business unit Has undertaken.


Obtain a Canadian work visa by registering a company

In a business owner registration visa, the applicant first sets up or purchases a business unit or company in Canada. He then informs the Canadian Labor Office that his presence is mandatory for the management of this business unit. If the employment office is satisfied, it will issue an LMIA letter to him. After receiving this letter, the applicant can apply for a work visa at the Immigration Canada. A Canadian work visa will be issued if the Swedish Migration Agency agrees to his application. The applicant’s spouse can also obtain a Canadian work visa, and their children under the age of 18 will also be allowed to study in Canada for free. The main applicant visa allows him to work only for his business unit. But his wife’s visa is an Open Work Permit, which allows her to work for almost any employer.

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How to register a company in Canada




To register a company in Canada, you have the following steps:



In this method of registering a company in Canada, which is like registering a company in a private or public joint stock company in Iran, the business is registered in Canada and is considered as a legal entity. Therefore, the responsibility of the business ends with the company and not with the people who own it. This method requires at least 2 members. If a company goes bankrupt, its owners will not be considered bankrupt.


Sole proprietorships

This is a very easy way to register a company in Canada. In this method, free work is registered in the name of one person. The disadvantage of this method is that his income is added to the personal income of the person, which may increase the tax paid. In addition, the person is fully responsible in such a situation. Therefore, if it goes bankrupt, it may lose all its assets. In Canada, a bankruptcy record of 5 to 7 years will be recorded in the bankruptcy record, which will not have a good effect on the trader.



In this way of registering a company in Canada, two or more people partner with each other. This is usually done (because of its complex legal issues) by people like couples. This method is quite similar to the previous method, except that the profit or loss of the business is divided between the partners. Registering a business this way is a little more difficult than the previous method.

Finally, under Canadian law, a registered company has the same rights and obligations as a natural person. When a company is registered, a separate legal status is created and the assets, rights and obligations of the company will remain until its liquidation. Even in the event of the death of the company’s shareholders and managers, the company’s assets, liabilities and rights will not be lost.


Is it possible to immigrate to Canada by registering a company?





Obtaining this visa can bring between 50 and 200 points for Express Entry. In fact, just getting an LMIA can be enough. Receiving a score of 50 or 200 depends on the position that the applicant holds and also the type of business unit that is purchased or established. Regardless of the chance of settling in Canada, success in this method allows the applicant and his or her family to stay and work in Canada (and allow children under the age of 18 to study). This privilege does not guarantee immigration to Canada. In other words, while this method may facilitate immigration for some applicants, it will not work for many people.


Definition of LMIA in Canada

The acronym for Labor Market Impact Assessman is in the form of a letter issued by the Labor Office of Canada stating that hiring a non-Canadian person will not have a negative impact on the Canadian labor market. Obtaining an LMIA is typically very difficult, and a Canadian company must first advertise for a considerable amount of time at a considerable cost in a few acceptable sources and submit a series of documents and forms to the Canadian Employment Agency to convince them that it The company has not been able to find the staff it needs from permanent residents or Canadian citizens and has no choice but to hire foreigners.

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Benefits of registering a company in Canada

Lawyers, law firms, international employment agencies, student sending agencies, even travel agencies, or individuals must be licensed by the Canadian Immigration Legislature (ICCRC) to work in the field of visas and immigration to Canada; Otherwise, any Canadian activity in the field of visas and immigration is illegal. The official Canadian Immigration website states that; If you are harmed by the inexperience and fraud of such individuals or entities without an ICCRC license, you have no choice but to pursue your charges. So just trust MigrateDesk Advisors to protect your interests in the event of a problem.

If you own a business in your home country but do not have a large amount of capital to qualify for Canadian investment residency, we suggest the Canadian Immigration Registration Program or Owner Operator, the benefits of which are as follows:

  • High economic justification for current immigration programs
  • No need to provide a language certificate
  • Investing and having a minimum asset is less important than similar provincial entrepreneurship programs.
  • Possibility to transfer capital legally to Canada.
  • University education is not required.
  • A Canadian tourist visa is not required to begin the process.
  • It is possible to change business or buy another business after arriving in Canada.
  • Travel history to Schengen countries does not matter.
  • You can choose your city and you are not limited to choosing a specific province
  • You will not have a problem if your field of study and work history are inconsistent
  • After starting a business, you are not required to stay in a specific place or city and the choice is yours.
  • You will own 100% of your business.
  • The spouse can have an open work visa and children under 18 will benefit from free education.
  • The whole family will have supplementary health insurance.
  • Facilitate the process of obtaining permanent residency in Canada.

MigrateDesk will be by your side to choose the best way to migrate.


Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to register a company in Canada?

The most important thing in calculating the costs of registering a company in Canada is what business you plan to start in Canada, and your plan and costs are calculated based on the same business and location for which it is intended. Unlike Canadian entrepreneurship programs, there is no minimum investment for this method. Therefore, it must be thoroughly analyzed how much the business in question in Canada costs.

How to get a residence permit in Canada by registering a company?

You can not apply for permanent residence in Canada just by registering a company, and you must meet the basic conditions, that is, company registration privileges in addition to the privileges you have yourself can lead you to permanent residence in Canada.

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