Conditions for Immigrating Physicians to Canada in 2022

Conditions for Immigrating Physicians to Canada in 2022
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Canada is a country that all countries refer to as a very developed country with a strong economy, and they always choose this country to work and improve their job. One of the reasons why a foreign immigrant chooses to immigrate to Canada from among hundreds of countries to work and grow financially is because he or she finds permanent residence by working in Canada. Working in a country with a well-known labor market as well as a low unemployment rate allows a foreign applicant to access high incomes faster. Of course, these conditions are slightly different for doctors. To use the Doctors Immigration to Canada program, they must match their credentials to be allowed to use the job. Ideally, physicians migrating to Canada today is possible by equivalence of qualifications and by taking special, yet complex, examinations. Stay tuned to MigrateDesk for more.


How Doctors Immigrate to Canada


How Doctors Immigrate to Canada


A doctor must enter Canada to provide work experience. A doctor must also use medical programs to travel to Canada, or better yet, doctors’ immigration programs to Canada. Learn about Immigrating Physicians to Canada Immigrating physicians can be accomplished by equivalence, by submitting a language certificate, by taking an exam, by completing a one-year college course, and by obtaining permission from the Medical Council of Canada. In fact, in order to obtain a license from the Medical Council, one must pass tests. At present, according to Canadian law 2022, physicians must take a two-step test. It should be noted that the applicant is allowed to take the test and obtain a work permit in Canada immediately after completing his / her one-year course at the designated colleges. The interval between the exam and the postgraduate course must be at least one year. In fact, after one year, the applicant can evaluate his skills to take the exam.

  • In order for qualifications to be tested very carefully, physicians must provide a very valuable medical degree.
  • Having three or two years of residency training is required to be present in Canada as a general practitioner.
  • To receive the approval of the Medical Council, you need to take a two-step test.
  • You must have a provincial license to work as a doctor. Of course, having a regional license also allows a GP to be present in Canada.
  • The doctor will have a very close relationship with the patient, so he or she should learn the native Canadian language as well as the citizens.

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Documents required to immigrate and work as a doctor in Canada

  • IELTS or TEF Certificate This certificate is required to communicate with Canadian patients or other patients.
  • Work Experience Midway Immigration to Canada tells you that the Canadian Embassy is looking for work experience. In order to prove that you have work experience, you must provide a document stating these.
  • As you are aware, to immigrate to any country, you must have a healthy passport and you must provide identification documents. In addition to all this, in order to enter Canada as a doctor, you must provide a letter of financial certification. Letter stating that you have the cost of living in Canada.
  • work hours
  • Header
  • Current rights
  • Work responsibilities
  • Job classification title or the same as Knock


Validity of Iranian medical degree in Canada

The validity of your medical degree is analyzed by a number of accreditation bodies. Organizations analyze your medical degree in a number of ways. If your degree is from a reputable, approved Canadian university, you can apply to immigrate to Canada. It is worth mentioning that Iranian doctors are also required to provide a valid certificate to work in Canada. You can get help from migratedesk for advice on the best immigration lawyer in Canada and RCIC institutions.


Work permit in Canada as a doctor


  • The last step in becoming a Canadian doctor is getting a work permit.
  • An Iranian and a foreign general practitioner must have at least 2 years of clinical medical experience to be eligible for a work permit.
  • The applicant must obtain a positive result in the MCCQES test in order to obtain a work permit. The work permit is issued to you by the Medical Council.
  • All physicians and all physicians who have prepared to immigrate as a medical specialist and have updated their physician immigration information to Canada are permitted after showing clinical medical experience and after submitting a letter of acceptance for the test and Also work with a family in a Canadian state after receiving a work permit.


IELTS and TEF tests for physicians

The IELTS and TEF tests are one of the tests you must take to demonstrate your skills to the Canadian Embassy and the Immigration Service. In fact, these two credentials can enhance your presence in Canada as a GP or specialist. In order to be able to communicate well enough with Canadian patients, you need to have a tef and an academic IELTS degree. The TEF certificate is the same as the French language certificate and the IELTS certificate is the certificate for English language courses. You need to improve mental information in four areas: reading, listening, speaking and writing. If you get a score of 7 or higher in these 4 wards, you can work in Canadian hospitals. Of course, to work, you have to go through all the steps mentioned about doctors migrating to Canada one by one with the help of people with brilliant resumes.


Physicians’s work experience letter to immigrate to Canada

The Canadian Medical Association tells you to submit a work history letter after completing a series of steps. This letter should be arranged by your previous employer. These cases are mentioned in the working letter

  • Your workplace header
  • Your working hours
  • Current wage
  • Work responsibilities
  • Your job title by code

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Doctors Immigration Program to Canada

Immigrants must apply for a doctor’s immigration program in Canada after learning how to immigrate and assessing their qualifications and qualifications. Immigration programs allow Iranian and foreign doctors to apply based on their circumstances. Apply for one of the programs and prepare to immigrate to Canada. All programs are legal and will eventually bring a valid doctor to Canada. The purpose of offering a variety of legal programs is to enable the foreign immigrant to apply based on the conditions, documents and resume he / she has. For example, some programs are suitable for nursing immigration, so nurses can apply to immigrate to that state on a state plan, or some programs are specialist-specific, so specialists can apply for those programs. We have now described the programs that will bring Iranian and foreign doctors to Canada.


Conditions for Immigrating Physicians to Canada for the Federal Skilled Workers Program (FSW)

Applicants for the following job titles can prepare to immigrate to Canada as an Iranian and foreign physician through this program:

  • Physiotherapist
  • Audiologist and pathologist
  • Medical laboratory technician and technician
  • Cardiologist
  • Pathology Assistant
  • sonography
  • Occupational therapist


Salary of general practitioners and specialists in Canada

Ideally, the applicant physician is allowed to work as a citizen physician for up to 250 years after completing his / her information about physicians migrating to Canada and completing all of the above steps to become a Canadian resident. Increase his income by a thousand dollars a year. Of course, a doctor who has just arrived in Canada may earn $ 15,500 a year, but after a few years, depending on the experience he has gained, he can increase his financial potential and the amount of salary he receives annually. , Added. The salary of a medical specialist is usually higher than the salary of a general practitioner. Because he has spent more years studying and has focused a lot on medical courses. In addition, a specialist doctor receives a higher salary than a general practitioner, Iranian or foreign.


Impact of MCAT test on immigration of general practitioners and specialists to Canada

In fact, students who would like to be recognized as a Canadian physician in a Canadian state such as Nova Scotia, Toronto, Alberta and Saskatchewan must have a positive test result. Canada has designed a test to analyze the skills of an Iranian doctor or to assess the skills of a foreign doctor. This test, known as the MCAT test, is so sensitive and difficult that all questions are designed to be a test. Doctors who want to immigrate to Canada should pay attention to the test results. If the Canadian government approves the result, you are allowed to plan for doctors to immigrate to Canada. It is not possible to say with certainty what score a foreign applicant will receive in Canada, but in general a person who has scored 528 points can plan to work in Canada. But a doctor who scores 125 points is not eligible to be in Canada, or a person who scores 499 points will not have a chance to be in Canada.


Medical Degree Equivalence in Canada

You must first have a valid medical certificate from a global medical institution before you can be licensed by the Medical Council of Canada. Spend a one-year course in Canada. Finally, you must obtain an official certificate from the Medical College, the Canadian College of Family Physicians, or the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada. Medical certification is valid for up to 5 years. Iranian physicians are not allowed to work as a specialist in the global labor market or in the Canadian labor market until they make equivalents. In fact, they can not own a clinic in Canada because they do not have a license from the Medical Association.


Immigration conditions for doctors with job offers


Immigration conditions for doctors with job offers


Through the job offer, doctors can also adjust their immigration schedule to suit their current situation as well as their financial situation. Of course, the cost of physicians migrating to Canada is not high, but if a physician invests, his or her costs will increase and he or she will be able to obtain Canadian residency more easily. But if you do not have the financial means, Express Entry can be the best way for you to stay in Canada. Of course, provincial programs are also suitable for immigration. If you do research, you will surely come across states that are looking to attract a foreign doctor. In this case, you can enter Canada by receiving a job offer. Of course, a job offer or job offer will not take you directly to Canada, but it will increase your scores.



Doctors immigration process in Canada

The complex steps of medicine are mentioned in this section, the steps of which are as follows:

1.The first key step for doctors migrating to Canada is choosing the province. The climate of each province is different, the lifestyle in the provinces of Canada is different. Also, the level of well-being in the Canadian states is different, and you should choose one of the states according to your style, according to whether you are interested in tropical or cold regions, and according to the quality of life, and according to Assess your immigration status in that state’s immigration plan to Canada.


2.The second important step for doctors migrating to Canada and migrating a doctor who has an Iranian passport is that he has to go through administrative procedures. In fact, you should evaluate your credentials. Today, some accreditation organizations evaluate your documents. You can leave your degree to them for confirmation.


3.The third step that you need to do a lot of research is to get a job offer and choose a specific immigration program. In fact, Iranian or international physicians must apply through programs offered by Canadian provinces regarding the immigration of physicians to Canada, or through the Express Entry system. The Express Entry System, which reviews the privileges of physicians and other applicants, is a well-known immigration system. If you get acceptable points from this system and receive an invitation, you can enter the Canadian environment based on the information you have in mind about doctors migrating to Canada and your circumstances. But if you are applying for a particular state, you must meet the required documents according to that state plan. It should be noted that having a job offer increases the doctor’s points. It goes without saying that some provinces are in dire need of Iranian doctors. If you apply through their program and receive invitations from state employers, your immigration case will go up.


What majors are acceptable for degree equivalence?

In fact, it is important that you know what string code Canada accepts for equivalence. Usually the disciplines that are in the category of skilled workers are the disciplines accepted by the federal government. Medical fields are in the specialty category, so those who are physicians or dentists, pharmacists, physiotherapists, etc., are allowed to prepare for the equivalence of their degree and for doctors to immigrate to Canada.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is it necessary to present a French language certificate or an English language certificate to the Immigration and Embassy of Canada to take the medical exams?

Yes, you need a language certificate to become a doctor in Canada.

What license do you have to get to work as a general practitioner or specialist in Canada?

You must be licensed by the Medical Association to work in Canada and become a Canadian Physician.

Can an Iranian doctor immigrate to Canada without receiving a job offer?

In the early stages of the procedure, the physician can apply for a skill or state program without a job offer. But if he has a job offer, his presence in Canada is guaranteed.

Is it expensive for doctors to immigrate to Canada?

No, the cost of acting through the Express Entry program is low and in other words, it is affordable.


Concluding remarks

Canada itself is a country made up of many educated students and its doctors are skilled, but it also has many Iranian specialists and they have been able to get their medical license from this country. You can get help from MigrateDesk for information and guidance.

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