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MigrateDesk.AI helps you identify timely opportunities for each applicant, detect application improvement areas, and facilitate application workflows.

Immigration Case Management​

Tailored Solution

MigrateDesk is built specifically for immigration case management and is aimed at enhancing the efficiency of immigration application management and optimizing workflows.

our mission

We are a team of successful lawyers and experienced software developers focused on building a platform that helps immigration lawyers and consultants keep track of open immigration programs, match each client with best available opportunities, and manage the application processes.

Our Services

Application Case & Task Management

Monitor and manage all tasks and processes in every single application

Efficient Workflows

Tailors each application process to the workflow of the firm and the requirements of a given immigration program.

Full Records

Keeps track of email activities, meetings, and document uploads.

Smart Calendar

Sets proactive reminders and deadlines for each application process.

Automated Classification

Extracts any client documents and images into to the client file automatically from their emails and other correspondence.

Easy Application Procedure

Offers a simple, editable, onboarding questionnaire for applicants.

Secured Data Storage

Stores documents, agreements, digital signatures, etc. in secure data rooms.

Files Analysis

Identifies any missing documents or files as per the requirements of a given application/program.

Client Onboarding & Data Room

Smart data handling for each and every one of your clients

Fit IQ

Find the most fit and suitable opportunities and solutions for each client

Application Analysis

Performs smart analysis on detailed application profiles.

Best Opportunities

Match applicant profiles with all available federal and provincial/state programs, and make recommendations.

Massive Data

Aggregates application scoring guidelines published by government, with strategic data across many immigration applications.

Success Prediction

Predicts application success score based on the client’s eligibility.

Application Improvement

Smart suggestions on areas of improvement for applications (e.g. language skills, certificates, extracurricular, etc.)

Best Practices

Provides successful application templates, learnings, and best practices for each immigration program.

Up-to-date data

Offers the most up-to-date keys to success for both immigration consultants and applicants.

Immigration Templates & Best Practices

Guidelines and templates for your clients

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Values we offer

Our Benefits

Smart Recommendations

We calculate and order immigration opportunities by likelihood of success for each client

Up-to-date Information

Providing the most recent open immigration programs and opportunities

Data Analysis

Continuous collection and analysis of submissions and their outcomes data to enhance our predictor accuracy

Easy Access

Online platform for web and mobile devices accessible from anywhere at anytime

Enhanced Transparency

Powerful record management, with securely stored digital documents for all applications and processes

Optimized Workflows

Application workflows are tailored to the immigration application management requirements

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