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Guide your clients to success

MigrateDesk.AI helps you identify timely opportunities for each applicant, detect application improvement areas, and facilitate application workflows.

Immigration Case Management​

Tailored Solution

MigrateDesk is built specifically for immigration case management and is aimed at enhancing the efficiency of immigration application management and optimizing workflows.

our mission

We are a team of successful lawyers and experienced software developers focused on building a platform that helps immigration lawyers and consultants keep track of open immigration programs, match each client with best available opportunities, and manage the application processes.

Meet our Team

Farideh Ahmadi Dastjerdi

Chief Executive Officer

Farideh is a full practicing lawyer. She ran a successful family law office with Fahimeh for over 15 years, with exposure to immigration challenges faced by some of her clients.

At MigrateDesk.AI, she leads the strategic direction of the business.

Fahimeh Ahmadi Dastjerdi

Chief Operating Officer

Fahimeh worked with Farideh to build the family law practice in Iran, focused more on managing associates, new hires, and operations.

She currently leads and oversees the operations at MigrateDesk.AI, enacts operating policies, and operationalizes the business strategic direction.

Amirmohammad Ahmadi

Head of Product

He is a recently graduated lawyer, with a passion for technology, and has taken graduate courses in these areas.

Amirmohammad has handled IT at Farideh and Fahimeh’s law practice, and at MigrateDesk.AI he leads and oversees the execution of the product vision.