Athlete Immigration Conditions to Canada

Athlete Immigration Conditions to Canada
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Progress has always been one of the most important concerns of people because it makes a lot of changes in people’s lives and helps to improve it. In the following, we want to talk about the immigration of athletes to Canada. Canada, along with Belgium, Germany, the United States and the United Kingdom, is one of the main destinations for Iranian athletes and the best country for sports immigration. The federal government’s support for the improvement and development of the country’s sports has led to the growth of sports facilities, social prestige and athletes’ incomes. One of the reasons for the migration of athletes can be attributed to the restrictions imposed on the country’s sports and the other due to the significant financial offers and inexhaustible possibilities of Canadian sports. Immigrating through Canada is easier than in other countries, which is why many Canadian athletes still prefer other countries. Stay tuned to migratedesk for more information.

What is it like for athletes to immigrate to Canada?


What is it like for athletes to immigrate to Canada?


If you play a sport, you can apply for your major at a Canadian university and get a Canadian student visa. If a student visa does not work for you, as a result, you will have to find work in Canada and obtain a Canadian work visa, or you can become a legionnaire and wait for an invitation from a foreign team, or become self-employed and do sports business. Having an Immigration Institute in Canada is one of the best ways you can benefit.


Conditions for obtaining Canadian residency for athletes

  • Provide evidence to prove self-employment in the past two years and also guarantee the principle that athletes will continue to be self-employed in Canada after receiving a visa
  • Get at least 35 points
  • Not barred from entering Canada


What is a self-employment visa?

Self-employment is a term used to refer to starting an individual or group business. Applicants for self-employment immigration to Canada actually travel to Canada with a set of work history and living conditions, as well as a detailed business plan, so that they can achieve and grow some of their business ideas.


Self-employed athlete


Self-employed athlete


The applicant must present his / her documents to the case officer and convince him / her to engage in sports activities, of course, as a self-employed person, as soon as he / she arrives in Canada as usual, after the application is approved and approved. Also note the following:

  • At least two years of significant work experience in sports activities in the country of residence
  • At least two years of work experience in a world-class sports business student
  • At least one year of work experience in sports affairs in the country of residence and also having at least one year of work experience in world-class sports activities, or in other words, one year of domestic sports activity and one world year, which is a total of two full years comes.


Which athletes are granted a self-employment visa?

The Canadian Immigration Act sets out certain criteria for defining this visa and for determining the applicant’s individual eligibility. Athletes’ self-employment visas are tied to issues such as work experience, international activity, self-employment in sports, knowledge and awareness, adaptation to Canadian society, and fluency in the official language. Therefore, not every athlete is granted a self-employment visa. Always migratedesk contains the best solutions.


What are the conditions for obtaining a self-employment visa for athletes?

  1. Athlete Career: The Government of Canada sets specific criteria for a professional athlete. A professional athlete applying for a self-employment visa is one of the most important items to immigrate to Canada and has 35 points. The athlete must meet one of the following conditions:
  • Two years of experience in sports self-employment
  • Two years of international sports activity
  • One year of full-time sports plus one year of international sports activities


  1. Awareness of sports science: Here, diplomas talk to us and are a criterion for measuring knowledge in the relevant profession. This is something that athletes usually do not care about. From basic education to high school, 25 and 26 points are awarded to this item. If an athlete has a doctorate, he will receive full points.


  1. Youth score: Age is one of the parameters that tells Canadian officials how ready the applicant is to start a new business and manage and grow and develop it. Despite this age, among other criteria, it has a share of only 10 points.


  1. Adaptation to the environment: The more an athlete adapts to Canadian society, the faster he or she will grow. As a result, it does not matter if the item has 6 points from the immigration requirements, but the applicant must breathe and survive in the community with which he or she has just come.


  1. Proficiency in the common Canadian language: Proficiency in one of Canada’s all-inclusive languages, along with the level of education item, is of particular importance in the immigration of athletes to Canada and has a 25-point share. Common languages in Canada are English first and French second. So to immigrate, you have to invest in at least one of these two languages.


The best country for sports migration


The best country for sports migration


It is not possible to say for sure that Canada is the best country for sports immigration, but if we look at the statistics, we find that this country has always welcomed immigrants. When it comes to immigration and the proper treatment of immigrants, one can easily see the name of Canada. A country that has accepted many immigrants so far and millions of its inhabitants have been born outside its borders. Canada’s immigration policies are designed to benefit both immigrants entering the developed country and contributing greatly to the country’s economy and development. According to various polls, the vast majority of Canadians agree with the country’s immigration policy and treat immigrants very well.


Sports Coach Income In Canada

As you know, there are different sports and different levels that can lead to different incomes. The income of a sports coach in Canada can start at around $ 24,000 a year. This income for experienced people can reach up to 95 thousand dollars. An average of $ 60,000 a year and $ 30 an hour for coaches can be considered.  RCIC institutions and immigration lawyer in Canada are two other ways you can get closer to your goal.


Popular sports in Canada

Hockey: Hockey is the most popular sport in Canada. The sport is practiced at various levels and throughout Canada, and many people are active in it and watching it. Ice hockey has been around since the 19th century and can be considered a Canadian identity. Different age groups play hockey, and the Canadian men’s national hockey team competes in many international competitions.


Lacrosse: The sport was selected as a national sport in 1859 and years later in 1994 as a summer sport. Thousands of people in Canada play this game. Canada defeated the United States in 2006 and broke the 25-year American record. There are other sports that are very popular and may be interesting for those who follow the immigration of athletes to Canada. These sports include American football or Gridiron football, baseball, cricket, football, rugby, basketball, curling and wrestling.


What are the sports careers in Canada?

The Canadian Agency for Human Resources and Skills Development (HRSDC) is responsible for reviewing the labor force and setting the relevant rules and regulations. The largest executive body of Human Resources and Skills Development Canada is the Service Canada. This section is also closely linked to the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC). The occupational classification in this country is called NOC or (National Occupational Classifications). Each group of jobs has a four-digit code. In the following, we will explain all the topics of sports affairs to you

  • 5251- Sports heroes
  • 5252- Sports coaches
  • 5253- Sports officials and referees
  • 5254 – Program managers and instructors of recreational, sports and fitness activities.


Canadian Visa Scoring for Athletes

  • Having a work experience of up to 35 points
  • Having education up to 25 points
  • Familiarity with English or French up to 24 points
  • Age up to 10 points
  • Compatibility and adaptability to the environment up to 6 points


Concluding remarks

Therefore, as mentioned in this article, athletes must have the necessary conditions to migrate, otherwise their migration will not be approved. Relevant solutions are one of the ways in which people can get closer to what they want and overcome the tedious ways. You can visit migratedesk for guidance and advice.

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