How much money do I need to immigrate to Canada 2022?

How much money do I need to immigrate to Canada 2022?
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Canada is an immigrant country for a variety of reasons, including its low population and large size. Existence of different job positions, prestigious universities, high level of science and welfare are other reasons for immigrants to live in this advanced and industrial country. To answer this question, there are several immigration routes to stay in Canada. These paths include work, education, investment, innovation and startups, each of which has different conditions and costs. For example, the cost of student immigration to Canada includes the cost of applying for a visa, application fee and university tuition. In investing the applicant, in addition to the costs of applying for a visa, the amount of the investment must be taken into account. Of course, any immigrant who chooses to travel must also consider the cost of living in Canada. Stay tuned to migratedesk for more information.


Total cost immigrate to Canada

  • Tuition for university, college and school: 5,000 to 30,000
  • Applying, registering and reviewing a student visa: 150
  • Applying, registering and reviewing a work visa: 155
  • Applying, registering and reviewing a tourist visa: 100
  • Immigration fee of Express Entry: 825 + 500
  • Immigration cost of innovation and startup: 1575 + 500
  • Immigration Express Investment Fee: At least 100 thousand to 200 thousand
  • Canadian visa fingerprinting fee: one person: 85, each family member: 175, group application: 255

The cost of migrating to Canada through work


The cost of migrating to Canada through work


Due to the fact that Canada is a large country and has a small population due to its size, its unemployment rate was also low and job seekers can easily find a job in this country. Applicants for a Canadian work visa can apply through the Express Entry program. This method is done in two steps:

  1. They must earn 67 out of 100 points, including age, education, work experience, language degree, spouse status and job offer, to be able to enter the virtual money or pool system.
  2. The cost of working immigration to Canada through Skylworker is about 10 to 12 thousand Euros that applicants must have in their personal account and depending on their case, they must also pay a cost of immigration lawyer to Canada. In general, this method is one of the cheap ways to immigrate to Canada. Because if the privilege of the people reaches the beginning, permanent residence will be issued. The cost of living will also vary from $ 1,500 to $ 2,500 per month, depending on the type of living. The unemployment rate in Canada is 7.5 percent, and that figure could be a good statistic. The chart below shows the unemployment rate in this country until 2021.

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Cost of living in Canada

  • C $ 16.00: Meals at a low-cost restaurant
  • C $ 80.00: Meals in a medium-sized restaurant for 2 people
  • C $ 1.78: One and a half liter bottle of water
  • C $ 2.46: 1 liter milk bottle
  • C $ 4.17: 1 kg of white rice
  • C $ 3.97: Eggs
  • C $ 16.30: 1 kg of local cheese
  • 01 Canadian dollars: 1 kg of beef
  • CAD $ 15.09: 1 kg of chicken
  • C $ 2.95: One way local transport ticket
  • C $ 3.50: Normal taxi fare
  • C $ 3,706.14: Vancouver Downtown 3 bedroom apartment for rent
  • C $ 2,655,08: Rent a 3 bedroom apartment outside downtown Vancouver
  • C $ 12,458.01: Price per square meter to buy an apartment in downtown Vancouver
  • C $ 9,365.01: Price per square meter to buy an apartment outside downtown Vancouver
  • $ 3,500 to $ 7,500: Student dormitory costs per year

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Tuition fees in Canada

Studying in Canada is possible at all levels of high school, bachelor, master and doctorate.

  1. For high school, people can study in different schools of this country for 16 thousand dollars to about 45 thousand dollars a year. To study at this level, individuals must provide their diplomas and transcripts of previous years.
  2. Tuition for Canadian universities varies according to the university, field and degree. University tuition can be between C $ 14,000 and C $ 40,000. The cost of student life also varies according to the lifestyle of the people. The amount that universities declare for a student’s financial ability is usually between 12 and 15 thousand dollars. In smaller, student cities, the cost may be lower. On the other hand, depending on the lifestyle, this cost can be higher. For example, people who do not live in a university dormitory and rent a place for themselves will have to pay a higher fee.
  3. The cost of reviewing a student visa application will be about $ 150. Tuition at private colleges also ranges from $ 18 to $ 25 per year. The cost of English language courses for each semester will be about 4 to 6 thousand dollars. This is the cheapest way to immigrate to Canada after migrating to work.


Admission fee from universities

One of the most important steps in obtaining admission is to upload the documents on the university website and pay the application fee for admission to the universities (application fee). This fee is for reviewing your application and documents, and if your application to study at that university is accepted. Otherwise, this amount will not be refunded. The cost of the application varies from university to university. The average cost of an application is $ 100 to $ 300.


The cost of applying for a Canadian student visa

You must apply for a student visa once you have been admitted to an educational institution or university in Canada. After applying for a student visa, you will have to go through the fingerprinting process and if there is no problem, you will receive an email from the Canadian embassy, ​​after which the embassy will review your file and announce the final result. The cost of applying for a Canadian student visa then includes the cost of fingerprinting and file review. On average, you should spend $ 85 on fingerprinting and about $ 150 on your case.


Investment costs in Canada


Investment costs in Canada


Many people may want to know about the cost of immigrating to Canada through investing, so when asked how much money it takes to invest in Canada, it should be said that Canada has different investment plans and you can Invest in different states where the cost of investing varies from state to state. Below are the costs involved in investing in each of Canada’s states:

  • Investing in British Columbia

There is a method of entrepreneurship that is running for the state of British Columbia and is very popular and in high demand and, unlike some other methods, has the lowest risk. One method is $ 200,000 and the other is $ 100,000. In the $ 200,000 method, applicants must show $ 600,000 in financial backing (including cash and non-cash assets and bank accounts) and invest about $ 200,000 in their business. In the $ 100,000 method, people have to show a $ 300,000 financial backing and invest $ 100,000 in their business. These amounts can also be invested in this country under the name of company registration.

  • Investing in Quebec

A $ 2 million plan for Quebec was already underway but has been suspended until 2023. The plan was for individuals to show up to $ 2 million in cash and non-cash assets, of which they owed about $ 1.2 million to the government to be able to obtain permanent residency in Canada. Bring. After 5 years, they could get their full amount back from the Canadian government without any interest.

  • Invest in Manitoba

Entrepreneurship and investing in Manitoba, Canada is great for people with a background in agriculture, animal husbandry or horticulture. Investment in this province includes two main streams.

  1. Entrepreneurship: This stream is for applicants who want to buy or start a business in Manitoba, if the person wants to invest in the center of the state, the amount of assets and the amount they have to invest, 250,000 It is in Canadian dollars, and with the exception of the capital Manitoba, this amount will be reduced to C $ 150,000. In both areas, the applicant’s net worth must be at least C $ 500,000.
  2. Manitoba Farm Investors: This route is for investors and entrepreneurs who want to buy or start an agricultural business in Manitoba. The applicant’s net worth must be at least C $ 350,000, of which C $ 150,000 must be invested in agriculture.


  • Invest in Nova Scotia

Individuals interested in investing in Nova Scotia will first be considered in a rating system, and applicants who earn the required points can apply to invest in Nova Scotia and participate in Its provincial program to act. The amount of capital and amount required to start a business and entrepreneurship with this provincial program is about 150 to 300 thousand Canadian dollars. This provincial program will eventually provide permanent residency and then Canadian citizenship for the applicant.

  • Invest in Ontario

There are many different ways to invest in Ontario that cost you entrepreneurship and investment in that state depending on your chosen path, but generally for entrepreneurship in big cities like Toronto you have to invest at least C $ 600,000, which is In smaller cities it drops to C $ 200,000.

  • Investing in Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada

For investment and entrepreneurship in Newfoundland and Labrador is at least C $ 200,000. Initially, the entrepreneur is given a two-year visa so that he can start and grow his business. Opponents of investing in this route will obtain permanent residence in Canada.


The cost of immigrating to Canada through innovation

You do not need to hire a Canadian worker for this route and you can immigrate to this country only by having a creative and new idea and plan and presenting a business plan. In Canadian Innovation, the Canadian government supports your plan, so you do not have to spend a lot of money to immigrate this way. A budget of between $ 50,000 and $ 100,000 is enough to innovate Canada. Of course, if you do not have a business plan and a creative idea, you should prepare a business plan, the cost of which should be considered. You can get help from migratedesk for guidance and advice.


Minimum capital to immigrate to Canada

The minimum capital required to immigrate to Canada is $ 300,000, although this is not the full cost of living in Canada, and part of this amount will be the cost of moving to Canada and obtaining residency.


Comparing the cost of living in Canada and European countries

Another issue of the cost of immigrating to Canada may be the cost of living in Canada and comparing it to the cost of living in European countries. As mentioned above, the cost of living in this country is presented in the form of a table, it was found that the cost of living for people can vary from $ 1,500 to $ 2,500 per month. In European countries, depending on the country and place of residence and depending on the type of living of people will vary from 800 euros to 2,000 euros per month. The table below shows the cost of living in different European countries, which you can compare with the cost table in Canada.


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the minimum capital to invest in Canada?

The minimum required capital varies from state to Canada. The cheapest way to invest in Canada is to invest $ 100,000 and have at least $ 300,000 in financial backing.


  1. How much does legal immigration to Canada cost?

The most important ways to immigrate to Canada legally are to work, study and invest, which will vary depending on the legal immigration fee chosen. In all these cases, the cost of living will be fixed, which is about 10 to 13 thousand Canadian dollars per year.


  1. How to apply for a residence permit in Canada at the lowest cost?

The cheapest way to immigrate to Canada is to migrate to work through the Skilled Worker program or get a job offer from Canada.


  1. How much does it cost to study in Canada?

Tuition at many Canadian universities is between $ 15,000 and $ 25,000 a year.

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