Cost and conditions of immigrating to Canada through self-employment

Cost and conditions of immigrating to Canada through self-employment
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Canada’s self-employment program includes people with a background in sports, culture and the arts. Applicants must have the intention and ability to create a business that at least creates employment for themselves. Applicants must also have significant involvement in cultural, artistic or sporting activities. Stay tuned to migratedesk for more information.


What are the relevant work conditions and backgrounds for different disciplines?

  • At least 2 years of work experience in connection with self-employment in the field of cultural, artistic or sports activities as well as participation in cultural, artistic or sports activities worldwide.
  • Have the intention and ability to start a business that leads to self-employment.
  • Contribute significantly to cultural, artistic or sporting life in Canada.
  • Must have sufficient financial resources to support their family when arriving in Canada.

To receive the acceptance mark, get enough points in the effective factors for selection. Factors influencing the selection include the privileges that are given for the following:

  • education
  • Skills in official Canadian languages (English and French)
  • Work Experience
  • Age
  • Adaptation factors (such as the ability to receive retraining in another field)

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Canadian Federal Self-Employment Program


Canadian Federal Self-Employment Program


Canada’s immigration system also embraces different cultures. Canada Immigration Law defines one of the goals of this law as to develop and strengthen the social and cultural fabric of Canadian society, while preserving its federal, bilingual and multicultural character. As a result, a group of people who can immigrate to Canada are people engaged in cultural activities.


Proxy to immigrate to Canada through self-employment

Migratedesk is always by your side to make your application for Immigration Canada easier. We can guide you through the application process and save you time and money by making sure you provide the right documents and information to Canadian immigration authorities.


Self-employment immigration scoring system to Canada


Self-employment immigration scoring system to Canada


People applying for immigration to Canada through self-employment are evaluated differently. To be accepted for self-employment immigration, applicants must first become familiar with the concepts of words such as investment, entrepreneur or self-employed person, as defined by the Canadian Immigration and Refugee Agency. People working in business are evaluated based on five factors influencing selection:

  • Proficiency in English or French
  • education
  • work experience
  • Age
  • Compatibility

The person is selected based on the documents provided by the applicant and his / her score is evaluated according to each of the selection criteria. Each factor influencing the selection has a very specific criterion and the scores given to each of these items are adjusted annually. If the minimum points are not obtained, the immigration application will be rejected. If the immigration application is rejected, the applicant can reapply for further benefits after taking the appropriate steps.

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Advantages for people migrating through self-employment

  • Related work experience (within 5 years prior to request): 35 points
  • 5 years of relevant work experience: 35
  • 4 years of related work experience: 30
  • 3 years of related work experience: 25
  • 2 years of relevant work experience: 20
  • Age: Maximum 10 points
  • Being 21 to 49 years old at the time of application: 10
  • 2 points are deducted for each year over 49 years or under 21 years.
  • Education: Maximum 25 points
  • Have a doctorate or master’s degree + 17 years of full-time education or equivalent education: 25
  • 3-year degree in vocational school, law or medicine + 15 years of full-time education or equivalent education: 22
  • Bachelor’s degree or 2-year high school diploma + 14 years of full-time education or equivalent education: 20
  • Bachelor’s degree or 1-year high school diploma + 13 years of full-time education or equivalent education: 15
  • 1 year of education after secondary education + 12 years of full-time education or equivalent education: 12
  • Secondary education: 5
  • Official languages: up to 24
  • Complete skills: 16 points for the first language and 8 points for the second language
  • Intermediate Skills: 8 points for first and second language
  • Basic skills: 2 points for the first and second language
  • Spouse or customary partner education (those who have lived together but are not married): 3 to 5
  • At least one year of full-time and legal employment in Canada (applicant or spouse):
  • At least two years of full-time post-secondary education in Canada (applicant or spouse):
  • Having family members in Canada: 5
  • Total: 100


The best jobs to immigrate to Canada through self-employment

  • Cultural, artistic and sporting activities include occupations that are generally considered to be part of Canada’s cultural, artistic and sporting fields. Examples of such jobs include:
  • Librarians
  • Restorers and curators of museums, libraries and…
  • Document archivists
  • Experts in writing, translation and other related matters
  • Authors
  • Editors
  • reporters
  • Text translators, face-to-face translators and people translating specialized terms
  • Dramatic actors and creative artists
  • Producers, directors, choreographers and related careers
  • Camcorder operators and movie spheres
  • Graphic Arts Specialists
  • Media specialists
  • Video and audio recording specialists
  • Orchestra conductors, composers and arrangers
  • Musicians and singers
  • Dancers
  • Actors and comedians
  • Painters, sculptors and other visual artists
  • Technical jobs in libraries, public archives, museums and art galleries
  • Public archive and library specialists
  • Technical jobs related to museums and art galleries
  • Photographers, graphic arts professionals as well as technical and coordination jobs in the field of motion pictures, media and performing arts
  • Creative designers and artists in the field of handicrafts
  • Graphic designers and illustrators
  • Interior designers and people specializing in interior decoration
  • Coaches and leaders of recreational, sports and fitness programs
  • Other specialized jobs and collaborations in the fields of motion pictures, media and performing arts
  • Support jobs in animation, media, photography and performing arts
  • Speakers and other performers
  • Speakers and other media experts
  • Other providers
  • Creative designers in the field of theater, fashion, drama
  • Craftsmen and handicraft specialists
  • Patterns in the field of textiles and leather and fur products
  • Athletes, coaches, referees and related careers
  • Athletes
  • Teachers
  • Official sports officials and referees
  • leaders
  • photographers


Artists immigrate to Canada

Canada is a multicultural society. The Government of Canada encourages the existence of different cultures together. Cities like Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Ottawa and Winnipeg host people with thousands of cultural backgrounds.


Athletes immigrate to Canada

Many Canadian cities have teams competing in North American sports leagues such as the NHL, NBA, MLB, and MLS, and often a variety of international sports competitions are held throughout Canada. Due to the professional nature of athletes and sports staff, there are special regulations for their temporary or permanent employment in Canada. Canada hosts a variety of sporting events that attract many athletes and coaches from around the world to compete in its area.


Capital required for self-employment migration

One of the country’s main criteria for admission is to show that you can stand on your own two feet and do not need financial assistance from the Canadian government. Another rule of immigration to Canada through self-employment is to show that you can afford the first six months of your life with the money you have in your bank account.


The cost of immigrating to Canada through self-employment


The cost of immigrating to Canada through self-employment


You can take your family with you by paying for a Canadian visa and a Canadian self-employment visa, but only if the cost of the first 6 months of life per person is in your account. Let the Government of Canada make sure that you can afford it.


Concluding remarks

You should know that you must be financially independent to be approved by Canada through self-employment. So that this country can recognize that you can rely on yourself and move on. There are many ways to immigrate to Canada through self-employment as mentioned above so evaluate it according to your circumstances and then make your final decision. You can get help from migratedesk for expert advice and guidance.

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