Quebec Immigration Program (Canada) 2022

Quebec Immigration Program (Canada) 2022
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The Quebec Investment Program is a Canadian permanent residency program for business owners without a language degree, without a commitment to start a business in Canada, and without the need to live in Quebec. This app is one of the fascinating apps. Reports from international organizations show that Canada has many acclaimed benefits in the world, and with a safe environment and a modern society, it offers immigrants a great opportunity to live, all at a much more reasonable cost than other immigrant countries. Like the United States and Australia, there are special people who help. Next, you should know that applicants accepted in the Quebec Investment Program can obtain unconditional residence in Canada and obtain a Canadian PR card. They can also start a family life anywhere in Canada and start a business or start their own business. Stay tuned to migratedesk for more information.


What is Quebec Canada’s plan?


Quebec Immigration Program (Canada) 2022


Another way to immigrate is the Quebec Canada program. Due to the limited number of cases accepted in this program, the Quebec government will accept the case only by allocating a quota and in a limited way. The Quebec Investment Program 2022 will start accepting applications with limited capacity, and the Immigration Agency will play an important role in concluding a contract for this program to expedite the process of preparing the required documents for the applications.

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The Importance of Quebec as an Immigration Destination in Canada

  • Quebec has one of the highest average incomes in Canada, so the province is a great place to get rich and prosper in life.
  • Quebec is one of the most important and popular immigration destinations for immigrants to Canada.
  • Among the province’s population of 8.5 million, there are about one million recent immigrants (immigrants of the last 10 years).
  • The excellent economic situation in this province has created very attractive conditions for job-seeking immigrants.
  • The cost of living, including accommodation, education in the province of Quebec, the cost of food and… in Quebec is lower than in other Canadian provinces and cities.

  1. Immigration to Quebec through economic methods

  • Investing in Quebec
  • Quebec Entrepreneurship
  • Quebec self-employment
  1. Immigrating to Quebec through continuing education

  • Study in Quebec schools
  • Studied in Quebec colleges
  • Study at Quebec universities
  1. Migration to Quebec

  • Skilled staffing schedule
  • Quebec Experience app


Benefits of migrating to Quebec

  • Existence of different immigration programs and thus increase the chances of immigration
  • Having modern recreational and welfare facilities
  • Ability to work in the best international and Canadian companies
  • Access to excellent job opportunities
  • Enjoy significant job benefits and dollar earnings
  • Clear and convenient immigration rules
  • High immigration
  • Low cost of living in Quebec compared to other Canadian provinces
  • Living in a dynamic and modern environment
  • Living in a multicultural environment and ideal for raising children
  • Access to the best private and public health care centers
  • Enjoy a quality life
  • Access to unique natural attractions and use of eye-catching green spaces
  • Having a first-class, modern and world-class educational system
  • Possibility of studying in some of the best educational centers
  • Possibility of family migration through investment in Quebec
  • Possibility to obtain a Canadian passport after obtaining permanent residence
  • Unparalleled support for various businesses

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Canada Residence Program Requirements 2022


Quebec Immigration Program (Canada) 2022


  • Minimum fixed assets of the Quebec program: To be eligible for the Quebec 2022 program, the applicant must have legal assets equal to C $ 2 million or US $ 1.5 million according to the government rate (the official exchange rate announced by the Central Bank of Iran) or its Rial equivalent. . Part of this amount can be in the name of the applicant’s spouse. Items that include this amount of assets are: documented property, bank account balance, government stocks and bonds, life insurance and pensions.
  • Quebec Risk Investment Program: Applicants for the Quebec Canada Investment Program must receive a quota to start work and sign a $ 1.2 million deposit agreement with a Quebec financial institution. This investment will be for 5 years and the government of Quebec, Canada will guarantee it all and the whole money will be returned to the applicant with 0% interest after this 5 year period.
  • Possibility to get a loan in Quebec investment: Over the past decades, millions of dollars of this investment have been spent on the growth and development of Quebec infrastructure and immigrants have benefited. Successful traders who do not want to block this amount in one go and have the opportunity to make more money from it in 5 years, can use the services of authorized financial institutions of the Government of Quebec by paying only once in the amount of 350 thousand Canadian dollars (including the principal and profit. Use loans.
  • Benefits of the Quebec Investment Program: Applicants for the Quebec Investment Program must demonstrate an interest in attending Quebec, Canada’s largest province. Quebec is also Canada’s second most populous province after Ontario. Quebec has a population of about 7,669,100. In the north it is very sparsely populated and 80% of the population of Quebec lives on the banks of the Saint Laurent River. Its capital is Quebec and its largest city is Montreal. The official language in this province is French and then English. Quebec is a vibrant society based on equality in the belief and equality of men and women.
  • Immigration Conditions in the Quebec Investment Plan: The Canada Investment Plan requires 2 years of management or ownership of a business over the past 5 years. Successful managers and entrepreneurs must be involved in a part of business management that includes planning, controlling financial matters, resources and manpower. Examples include senior management of large organizations with at least two full-time employees other than applicants, agricultural and agro-greenhouse development companies, industry and producer managers, physicians, business licensees, lawyers, and pharmacists. , Dentists, Mass Manufacturers, Managing Director and Chairman of the Board, Builders, Manufacturers, Parts Manufacturers, etc. Having a valid and legal document from the government, such as a business license, a company establishment announcement, a license from the Ministry of Industry and a medical license, and a basic power of attorney license, etc. are required.


Tips for Staying in Canada Investing in Quebec

The Quebec Immigration Investment Division also considers age, education, adaptation to Quebec Canada, language skills and work experience, but language and age knowledge are not important. The main task of the Ganji Immigration Organization is to assess the applicant’s chances of acceptance and the strengths and weaknesses of the applicant’s case in comparison with the requirements of the Quebec government and to prepare his case in such a way that it is accepted by the Quebec Immigration Office. Also, all applicants who have been accepted to Quebec must take the next stage and to the Government of Canada in the field of medical and security tests in Canada.

Steps to migrate to Quebec through the Quebec Skilled Workforce Program


Steps to migrate to Quebec through the Quebec Skilled Workforce Program


  • Study the conditions for participating in the immigration program
  • Register your interest in the Arrima online portal if you qualify
  • Receive an invitation to apply for the Quebec Selection Certificate (CSQ)
  • Receive a selection answer from the Quebec local government after about 6 months

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Steps to migrate to Quebec through the Quebec Experience app

  • Complete the application form for permanent residence
  • Collect the required documents
  • Create an account on the Arrima platform
  • Submit a request on the Erima platform

Steps to migrate to Quebec through the Quebec Investor Program

  • Apply to the Quebec Local Government for a Quebec Selection Certificate (CSQ)
  • Apply to the federal government for permanent residency in Canada
  • Perform medical tests

Steps to migrate to Quebec through the Quebec Entrepreneur Program

  • Apply for a Quebec Certificate of Selection
  • Issuance of CSQ for the applicant and accompanying persons and evaluation by MIDI
  • Submit a separate application to the Immigration Canada for permanent residency
  • Perform medical tests

Can I immigrate to Quebec, Canada with my child?

You should know that even in some immigration programs, such as the Quebec Skilled Labor Immigration Program, there is even a separate privilege for having a child. The following is a list of scores based on the age of the children in the Quebec Skilled Labor Program:

  • 12 years or less: 4 points
  • 13 years to 21 years: 2 points
  • Maximum score: 8



The last word

Therefore, to immigrate to the province of Quebec, Canada, you must meet all the above conditions to be able to immigrate according to your ability and situation. The Quebec Canada program is another way to help you get and stay in Canada. You can get help from migratedsk for guidance and advice.

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